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metal detection series XLD-G1 (LCD) 33 zones

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metal detection series XLD-G1 (LCD) 33 zones

Detailed Product Description

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XLD-G1 (LCD) 33 zones

New smart security door
Function description:
Chinese and English display: 7-inch LCD screen can be selected according to the needs of the corresponding language
Power-on self-test: when the system fails, the display will automatically display the faul

Alarm mode: It can be divided into M0 and M1, each with 33 areas. The alarm can be realized at the same time to alarm only the largest metal area or all the metal areas at the same time.

Sensitivity: (1) Fine adjustment of sensitivity, overall sensitivity adjustment of each area/left and right as shown in the figure, convenient and intuitive

(2) Intelligent exclusion of single zone sensitivity (intelligent single zone exclusion of detection objects)

(3) Intelligent exclusion of multi-zone sensitivity (intelligent exclusion of detection objects in all defense zones)

Detection zone: can be divided into (33 zone), factory setting is (33 zone), can not be freely partitioned

Vibration protection: adjustable (0-99) to prevent false alarms caused by vibration interference

Passing speed: can be adjusted downward from the fastest 1-100 people/minute, and the detection speed can be adjusted by yourself

Counting function: intelligent passenger flow and alarm counting function, can record 20,000 times and automatically save

Perpetual calendar: can display year, month, day, hour, minute

Timing switch: the system can switch timing

Management encryption: prevent data from being illegally modified or mishandled to cause the product to work abnormally

Application: customizable parameters

Back-up power supply: battery powered (optional)

Networking function: It can be connected to a computer to realize remote parameter setting/query function (optional)

Technical Parameters:

Power supply: 15VDC

Power: ultra-low power consumption

Dimensions: 2230mm (height) X830mm (width) X660mm (depth)

Channel size: 2000mm (height) X750mm (width) X600mm (depth)

Whole machine weight: about 60kg

Working environment: -28℃- +47℃

technical standard:

The electrical appliances are implemented in accordance with the EN60950 safety standard.

Radiation is implemented in accordance with EN50081-1 standard.

The anti-interference is implemented according to EN50082-1 standard.

Meet the national "GB15210-2003" metal detector national standard.

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