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Anti Theft Systems XLD-EM10 Antimagnetic Anti-theft Apparatus for Bookstore

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Anti Theft Systems XLD-EM10 Antimagnetic Anti-theft Apparatus for Bookstore

Detailed Product Description


Working Voltage:AC:220V±20%50Hz

The detected tag s length:45mm(minimum)

Magnetic detection1500 Gauss

Material: UPC. Engineering Plastics

Outline Dimensions:1480*420*48(mm)

Detection height:1700mm

  • Features
  • Description

Wide detection: single path 80mm, dual path 16000mm, multi-path is available.
Weight: single path 28kg, dual path 40kg
Mould making: step molding technology is adopted for this anti-theft door which is elegant, solemn and special in appearance.

Scope:applicable to libraries, bookstores, shops and all kinds of audio-visual and audio-visual materials printed theft, anti-theft magnetic gap in a book, the hidden nature of good, easy-to-use and low cost. Easy operation, anti-theft magnetic strip 3-5, low cost, high reliability.

Features description:

magnetic compatibility: compatible with all types of security EAS magnetic stripe, can be monitored over the magnetic stripe 6CM.

channel width: the use of magnetic stripe, the channel can be achieved from the 80-90CM, the use of hard tags from the channel to reach 100-120CM.

comprehensive sensitivity: the use of electromagnetic anti-theft technology, the small blind, integrated in more than 98% sensitivity.

stability: the stability of high-performance equipment, anti-electronic jamming ability, the general effect of electronic noise immune, the aluminum foil, foil packaging of goods also have protection.

dual alarm; When magnetizing the magnetic stripe through the monitoring channel, the sound and lighting system provides a warning signal double; adjustable alarm volume set the size and duration.

The number of statistics: the number with the cumulative function of the day can generate traffic, traffic statistics function.

be composed of multi-channel; available on-line composition of the needs of three-channel, four-channel and five channels. Green

: Product output power of only 6W, in line with the ultra-low frequency electromagnetic wave detection technology, the human body without radiation, no pollution to the environment, more than 10 years service life.

quality assurance: in line with national standards for eight consecutive years through the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification.

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